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Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the foundation of a profitable  marketing strategy.

SEO is the process of getting your website ranked and found at the top of Google and Bing Yahoo and many others organic search engine results.

Why does search engine optimization matter? Because organic search drives more business than any other marketing channel on the web.
97% of customers research on Google before buying a product or service;

92% of customers contact businesses immediately after searching; and 80-85% of all clicks on Google go to the organic results.
All the numbers tell the same story: SEO services grow your business.

While paid search advertising traffic disappears as soon you stop paying, SEO creates permanent exposure and offers a long-term strategy for success.

Our SEO services help your business dominate your online market and build your brand.

Industry Leading SEO Services

We have created more first page rankings on Google than any other company.
We're ranked No. 1 for "SEO Company", one of the of the most competitive search terms on Google.
If we can do it for ourselves, you know we can do it for you.

Our secret: We know that search engine optimization takes more than a one-size-fits-all approach.
That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of SEO solutions in order to give you everything your business needs to succeed online.

Our proven search engine optimization methodologies have helped 1,500+ companies grow their business online.
The search engines are always evolving, and our SEO services continually evolve with them.

But here’s an overview of our SEO methodology as it is today, should you want to know how we can get you to the top of the rankings for your industry.

Create a Competitive Analysis

Understanding your business, your competitors, and your market is essential to your success.
Our team will conduct a baseline competitive analysis that determines your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your top competitors online.
We then outline where and how we can boost your site’s overall traffic volume so that you can connect with even more customers.

Detailed Website Analysis

We perform a detailed analysis of your entire website to determine which pages will benefit the most from search engine optimization,
and what SEO elements (i.e. meta tags, canonical tags, content optimization, link building, etc ...) they need in place to succeed.
We will then create a custom and comprehensive optimization strategy for your site which will be used as the road map for your search engine optimization campaign.

Build Your Target Market through Keyword Research

Keywords are the cornerstone of your SEO campaign.
Choosing the right keywords will determine how your website is ranked and how relevant it is to specific search terms.
We will work with you to determine your most relevant search terms and create a complete keyword strategy
designed to drive relevant and valuable traffic to your website.

Implement Onsite Meta Tags

After careful relevant keyword selection for every page on your site, we construct search engine friendly HTML code.
Our comprehensive onsite optimization plan includes all meta content (i.e. title tags, alt tags, alt texts and meta descriptions)
that guide crawlers through your site and increase its value for visitors and search engines.

Technical Optimization

We will examine your website to identify and resolve any technical errors that are hindering your site’s rankings and performance.
We check for broken links, canonical issues, page speed, site architecture,
SEO friendly page names, images and/or multimedia elements, and more to ensure that your site is optimized and problem-free.

Content Development with SEO and Visitors in Mind

Google’s crawlers are now capable of determining your site's overall subject authority based on your content.
You need fresh, unique, organic, and keyword optimized content on your pages that provides users with relevant and quality information.
Our content team will create the valuable content you need, designed to increase rankings for your targeted keywords,
and therefore the number of unique visitors coming to your website.

Link Building

Quality inbound link building is a crucial SEO service that every marketing campaign should utilize.
That’s why we offer more than 20 innovative and organic link building strategies to improve your site’s authority and grow your reach on the web.
By creating a diversity of organic links, your business will be seen by Google as a valuable brand and will therefore be rewarded with better rankings.

Offsite Promotion

Offsite promotion increases the popularity, value, relevancy and web authority of your site.
We help you maximize your web presence and boost your rankings by promoting your authority all over the web with: press releases,
article creation and submission, social bookmarking, social media linking, info graphic creation and distribution and much more.

Consulting and Reporting on Your SEO Campaign

Search engine optimization requires on-going maintenance.
That’s why we use a combination of analytics and SEO tools to systematically track the health of your website,
your search engine rankings and your site’s performance.

Our project management team are seasoned SEO experts who know how to make your campaign a success.
knowledge and provide you with actionable data that will take your campaign to the next level.



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